Meet The team

Our Nursing Team (pictured below) consists of 2 Registered Nurses and 1 Paramedic.   All are certified in Advanced First Aid.   Safety is our number one priority and our skilled nursing team will carry out all safety measures with compassion and care.   Trust your care to Dan, Ashley and Stephanie along side with our highly skilled Doctors.

Our Surgical Assistants (pictured below) Cindy, Trish, Sara, Emily and Laura will work closely with our doctors to ensure that your procedure is a smooth process and your comfort is their top priority throughout your appointment.   


Our Administrative Team (pictured below) consists of our Office Manager, Kathy along with Brenda, Tara, Pam, and Lisa.  Together, they’ll assist you with your referral from your doctor, scheduling your appointments and coordinating your benefits.   

Their goal is patient satisfaction and an overall great experience!