Our Latest Patient Testimonial

April 7, 2020 Letter to referring Dentist: Hi Dr. Nymberg, I hope this message finds you, your family and staff well, safe and healthy during this COVID19 period! I want to let you and your staff know how much my 87-year old mom really appreciated coming to your office, starting with the reception at the front window, meeting your assistant and you during her 1st visit. She appreciated the attention and patience to hear and answer her questions, address her needs and concerns. She said to me " This is the most comfortable dentist visit in my entire life"! She also want to thank you for the referral to Dr. Lucas to pull one of her teeth. Again, she felt that it was the best experience of having her tooth pulled in her entire life! Dr. Lucas and his staff were wonderful (from reception, to prep and in handling payment). She was pleasantly surprised and appreciated the follow-up phone call conversation she received, directly from Dr. Lucas, to check up on her. I can report that Mom is doing well and is planning to return to Dr. Lucas to remove one additional lower tooth before she returns to your office to update her lower partial. She is managing without the lower partial right now, but her food choices are very limited. We will schedule with Dr. Lucas and then with you as soon as we can. Take care, stay safe, healthy and know that I appreciate you and your staff for creating the best experiences for my family for the past 11 years and the best ever for my Mom! James B

- James B

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