Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I've had numerous dental procedures over the years...numerous unpleasant and also a number of pleasant..all of which have qualified me to make knowledgeable comparisons. I was referred to Cincinnati Oral Surgeons last year for an extraction, and found that it was the most pain free and pleasant of my lifetime. Needless to say, when I needed the expected removal of another this year I asked my dentist to refer me again to Dr. Robert Lucas. This time I would like to elaborate: Starting with Lisa to schedule my appointment & greet me upon arrival...wonderful experience with a smile in her voice and on her face. In the well staffed procedure room I met the smiling faces of Emily, Laykin, Savannah & Dan, all of whom were much like a professional make-you-happy team. I couldn't remember exactly what Dr. Lucas looked like from my original experience, and his Covid-19 headgear made him look more like Darth Vadar 🙂 (everything was sterile, all were masked, and the extra precautions were quite evident and showed the preparation in advance). I was a bit hesitant because my tooth was only partial and had broken off under a crown...but his skill and ease of operation almost immediately let me know that this was indeed the same "tooth magician" who had effortlessly and painlessly removed a whole tooth the year before. I felt a slight movement in my bone and wondered if the tooth was out yet, and almost simultaneously felt the spider steps of his thread on my lip as he was already suturing up the wound. SCORE ANOTHER PERFECT PERFORMANCE! Oh, yes. I will recommend Cincinnati Oral Surgeons to anyone who asks!

- Gary K

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