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Meet Scott, Our First Smile Again Recipient!

We are thrilled to introduce Scott, a resilient 57-year-old from Miamisburg, OH, as Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Specialists of Cincinnati’s first-ever Smile Again recipient.

Scott's journey has been marked by significant challenges, particularly in the realm of dental health. In 2014, he faced esophageal cancer, and the aftermath of chemotherapy and radiation left his teeth brittle and prone to breaking. The absence of a stomach, used for reconstructing his esophagus, has made eating a challenge. Scott's desire to enjoy a healthy diet, coupled with the profound impact on his confidence and interactions with loved ones, led him to apply for our Smile Again program.

In Scott's own words: "A set of new teeth would be amazing. No one can look me in the eyes anymore, including my wife and grandkids. My family feels embarrassed for me, and I cannot smile at jokes or have complete meals without food getting stuck. This would help with my overall health and confidence and change my life for the good for once in the past 9 years. This would help me be more healthy, and I have worked very hard to make it to this point in my life."

Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Specialists of Cincinnati has partnered with restorative dentist Dr. Heather Lucas, Sanvon with SK Dental Labs, and Straumann Implants to help give Scott the smile he deserves. We look forward to supporting Scott as he faces the world with a radiant smile!

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