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Meet Jay

Video Review

From Dr. Lucas to his staff, Jay felt so comfortable when he first walked into this practice. Now he has a straight and healthy smile!

Testimonial desktop jay wt
Testimonial desktop jay wt

Jay's Story

"Hi, I'm Jay. I'm from Lakeside Park, and I came to see Dr. Lucas for my wisdom teeth. When I first walked into this practice, one word that could sum it up for me is probably be comfortable. Everybody's nice, from as soon as you walk in the door to when you're in the operating room, everybody is taking care of you. As a doctor, Dr. Lucas is the epitome of a professional. I've been going to him for my entire life. Everything's very cut and dry. Everything's very, really, just correct. My wisdom teeth surgery, it was faster than I thought it would be, and I was back to normal pretty soon after. I would highly recommend Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Specialists of Cincinnati. I'm happy that now I have a straight and healthy smile."