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Meet Bill

Video Review

Bill had a phenomenal experience at our practice. His quality of life is fantastic, and he can eat peanut brittle and steak now!

Testimonial desktop bill ext di
Testimonial desktop bill ext di

Bill's Story

"Hi, my name is Bill. I came from Anderson Township to see Dr. Seghi for both an extraction and a dental implant. When I first walked in here, I felt very comfortable. It was very inviting. The staff was very friendly. Dr. Seghi's guy who really explains things from the very minute detail to the big picture, and it was very reassuring for him to tell me exactly what was going to happen, what I was going to feel, and what to expect throughout the entire process. My quality of life is fantastic with the implants. I can eat anything from peanut brittle to an apple to steak. I'm very confident in my smile. My overall experience here has been phenomenal. I would highly recommend Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Specialists of Cincinnati to my friends in Lebanon."