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Meet Elaine

Video Review

Elaine’s sister Debbie had multiple oral surgery procedures. All the procedures were successful, and Debbie has a radiant smile now!

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Testimonial desktop elaine ext bg di

Elaine's Story

"Hi, my name is Elaine. I brought my sister Debbie here, who is a special needs individual, to have multiple procedures done. We are from Cincinnati. We found the office to be warm and friendly. It's decorated beautifully. The staff was wonderful. The doctor who dealt with Debbie and treated Debbie, he was very warm. He was kind, he was considerate. All the procedures that Debbie had were highly successful. She now has her beautiful, radiant smile. She's very confident. She feels much better about herself as a person. I highly recommend that you come to this practice. She was treated with respect and dignity and extra special care."